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[ no audio ] >> reporter: they would be bussed because of the accident. [ no audio ] >> reporter: the report from the scene is 20 people were injured. according to amtrak none of the injuries were life threatening but they are not sure how serious the injuries were and they don't know what time the tracks will reopen but they plan to bus people till the tracks are cleared. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you are looking for information on passengers, go to, then click on the tab. this afternoon the albany unified school district confirmed a teacher who was arrested for lewd contact has
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died and it appears it was a suicide. the district says it received word of james izumizaki's death this morning from the sherriff's department. the teacher was accused of having a relationship with a former student who was under 14 at the time. they say counselors rill be able -- will be available for students tomorrow. the search continues for two fisherman missing off the san mateo county. they fell into the water yesterday morning when their boat over turned near pigeon point south of half moon bay. they were four on board the boat. the other two men were wearing life jackets and made it back to shore. police are looking for witnesses to a freeway shooting yesterday that sent three people to the hospital. a car drove up along a charger and someone inside opened fire
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around 3:30 p.m. the charger swerved off the freeway and crashed. investigators say it may have started at highway 92. two of the victims have been released from the hospital. a third victim remains in the hospital. >> police are looking for several suspects in a shooting that sent two people to the hospital. a man and woman were shot by four people who opened fire before midnight. both victims suffered serious injuries. police found 40 shell casings that scene. the murdered trial of the woman accused of killing a nursing student got underway today. ktvu's patty lee was there live. >> reporter: attorneys on both sides layed out a tragic story of two former best friends who dated the same man and that man was on the stand today.
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prosecutors described giselle esteban was a woman consumed with jealousy and hatred towards michelle le, that led her to plot michelle le death. the defense claims it was a crime of passion. the mother of michelle le -- brother of michelle le. >> having a difficult time with the case. >> reporter: cameras were not permitted inside where photos of michelle le's bones were presented along with recordings between seth s&p -- between the two. >> they know every location she has been in over the course of the last couple of years. >> reporter: in one conversation she accuses her of harboring feelings for him and
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threatening him. today he testified that they were just friends but she was convinced she was have -- he was having a relationship with michelle le. giselle esteban accused him of picking her over your family. >> we are just here for michelle. trying to be strong. >> reporter: we tried to speak with o.j.'s family -- with giselle esteban's family. as you can see they did not want to talk. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. closing arguments in the trial of a former san francisco crime lab technician accused of steeling cocaine. she was charged with stealing cocaine. she has admitted to taking the drugs but denies the fraud charges. her case led to a audit that prompted the lab to be shut
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down and the district attorney oo dismiss -- to dismiss hundreds of drug cases. two churches were hit by fire bombs last night. police say someone through a cocktail at a building around 10:00 p.m. a priest was able to put out the fire. another cocktail was thrown at another church. in a third case another building was targeted. they did minor damage. they are investigating. >> coming up, the investigation into an arson at an office belonging to the mayor heats up. people are struggling to cope with the heat wave that pushed temperatures into the triple digits. ktvu's robert handa is live in morgan hill where the heat is uncomfortable and dangerous for some. >> reporter: very hot here in
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morgan hill. we are at a scrimmage. the teams are getting ready for the tournament during one of the hottest days of the year, which means for coaches, watching out for more than just play execution. >> reporter: the cougars will host the football tournament starting this thursday, that means practices even when temperatures are in the 90s as it did today and the past few days. >> we try to get them hydrated throughout game and giving them breaks. lot of times we tell them to drink water prior to a game to be hydrated during a game. >> reporter: at this point they aren't worried about healthy individuals. >> i am concerned with people not realizing how hot it is and they are out there in the sun with no hats, no sun screen.
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>> reporter: we found many people who underestimated the heat. >> i don't do well in heat. you can probably tell. when i start to get thirsty and light headed, i know i have to stop and get water right away. >> reporter: the center opened its cooling center and plan to remain open all week. officials say today's spare the air day combined with the heat are concerns for the most vulnerable. >> bad air, increased ozone here. >> reporter: the heat can take its toll. but we saw a lot of care taking with the men playing today. at 6:00 p.m., how the hot conditions are effecting firefighters and what kind of situation cal fire is facing. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. for parts of the bay area, this is probably one of the hottest days of the year.
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very warm inland. look at the numbers. these are the current temperatures. we are close to records. right now, antioch, 99 degrees. 98 fairfield. look at the 90 in hayward. downtown san francisco, 88 degrees. that is hot. what will hanan? we have -- happen? we have winds out of the east in fairfield. if you check at point richman, winds out of the southeast, we are seeing a onshore flow. this is the cooling direction. things are starting to change, when i come back we will see if there are records and we will look for the cooling trend and the fog. back here in a few minutes. >> we have spotted another whale swimming in the bay. a humpback whales west of the bridge at 11:00 a.m. this morning. there has been an increase this
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year. they are here to feed before heading to mexico. get ready for fleet week, this year it will show case the blue angels along with a parade of ships that will be open for tourists. at a ceremony today mayor ed lee emphasized the role the military plays in keeping our nation secure. >> the world isn't safe. there are a lot of things happening, we have to always be ready. >> fleet week starts on thursday but the blue angels arrive tomorrow with plans to land in formation at san francisco international airport in the afternoon. >> california is the first state to ban a form of psychotherapy that tries to
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cure gay teenagers. it prohibits conversion therapy for those under 18. it takes effect january 1. groups say it will make it difficult for parents to get treatment. the boy scouts of america plan to bring the names of sex abusers to the police. they will look for more offenders. this comes ahead of a court ordered release of the files. it keeps keeps sex abusers out out of the organization. there are reports that three u.s. troops and their translator were among 14 people killed today in afghanistan. it happened to the south of coble. a spokesperson said the bomber was driving a motorcycle and ran into afghan police and u.s.
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troops. a spokesperson says six civilians and four police officers were also killed. nato hasn't confirmed the identities of the troops killed. the first debate is set for wednesday and president obama and mitt romney have been hard at work practicing. mitt romney sent 8 days getting ready for the debate. mitt romney is spending the next two days in colorado. the president is in nevada. he stopped by a campaign office before heading to his practice sessions with john kerry. there are three debates scheduled. ktvu will air the debate wednesda it begins at 6:00 p.m. president obama and mitt romney will answer questions about domestic policy. ktvu channel 2 news will air
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after that debate. yahoo's ceo has a big job tonight, she is a new mo marissa mayer delivered a ba boy last night. her tweeabouthe re't al the name marimaplto ta fe a's can clev theifi clinth , a closcall at a of th restaurant, what authorities say about the two people the car it t hbuil. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. the anch a wildcard spot wi win tonight against the rangers and ktvu's fred inglis is live, it is possible the a's could win the division? >> reporter: absolutely
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all they have to do is sweep the texas rangers in the next three days. easier said than done but they coulclch a wildrd spot tonight, even if they lose and tampa bay and the angels lose well. they hope to get their 6th sell out of the year. th are here to buy tickets 4 s e re game tand some fans say this year's team re nds them of the 1970s. >> big red machine. what happened? joe, he grew up in oakland. got the work cut out r them. next thing you know -- >> reporter: what do you think of? >> fighters. young fighters. they are going to go all the
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way. they are hungry for the win. >> we dominate when everyone wrote us off. impressive. a team full of no one and nothing and here we are pushing for the division. >> reporter: a's also expect merchandise sales will go up. i have been told by officials but both club houses are prepared for a champagne showers. if texas wins they will clinch the division. worth celebrating. the a's if tampa bay and the angels still lose tonight, then the a's clinch the final wildcard spot. we may have two champagne showers in the same place, same night, that never happened before in major league baseball. we will find out later tonight. fred inglis, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities are looking for
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robbers who made off with $2 million in gems and gold in a museum heist. the robbers armed with pick axes and dressed at ninjas. the museum is home to 13,000 precious artifacts, including a 14-pound gold nugget. authorities say it was an attempt to grab that rock that triggered the alarm. >> the vault door tried to close, which is does automatically. one hit the door with his shoulder and thumbles. >> investigators -- thumbleed -- tumbled. car crashed into a restaurant, through the front window on pleasant hill road. the injuries are not life threatening.
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there is word the sunland company expanded its recall to include cashew butters and other products. they recalled the foods after 30 people came down with salmonella infections linked to one of their products sold at trader joes. it includes nut products sold at target, fresh and -- sold at target, fresh and easy, and other stores. the employment picture is looking up. macy's plans to boost its worth force. statewide -- work force. staid wide they plan to hire 80,000 workers. however, many of the positions will only be part time. the 99% are marking the anniversary of the occupy movement in washington, d.c. dozens of protesters marked
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long k street. it was peaceful, although there were scuffles as you see here. they are planning a week long series of protests. it was hot yesterday and another hot one today. 88 in the city right now? >> yeah. hotter today than yesterday. san francisco right now 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. big heat up. we might see records here. the big story is the heat. not just inland, antioch, pittsburg but heat in san francisco, oakland, low 90s. along the coast, clear, sunny. and no fog. i don't see any fog right now. the winds, the winds off shore, they are coming -- that is a swell. southwest at 15. they are gusting to 20. why do i look that winds? that is the -- once the winds
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fly temperatures fall. onshore wind that gate right now. increasing winds tonight and tomorrow and temperatures cool tomorrow but not a lot. along the coast and bay, they will come down but inland upper 90s. coastal fog, no fog. very shallow marine layer. moisture and cool air. smashes it down, blown it off shore. you got temperatures right now at the cliff house in san francisco, temperatures in the 70s. that is pretty unusually warm for that area. 99 antioch. 98 fairfield. 96 redwood city. you know it is hot when you get heat like this surrounding the bay. when you see oakland, san francisco, redwood city, that is a big deal. that is why the national weather service was close to pulling the trigger on the heat advisory. they are not set up with air
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conditioning, san francisco, not many people have air conditioning. lows tonight mild. the nights are getting longer. over night lows get down a little bit. tomorrow, not as hot as today. when i come back, we will look that five-day forecast. see you back here. another iphoneiphoneiphoneiphone iphoneiphone 5 glitch. >> how many people are not getting paid by their employers. ñçbñ
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i don't spend money
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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apple is in damage control trying to fix a bug that iphone 5 users are facing. verizon customers have been reporting their phones appear to be using data even when connected to a wi-fi network. they pushed out an update yesterday. verizon will not charge customers. not clear if anyone else was effected. >> nokia is raising its profile in the mapping business. they will provide mapping service to oracle customers. they bought the maker four years ago to compete with google maps. they are struggling in the cell
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phone market. the announcement came on day two of the huge oracle conference in san francisco. a new version of the database, they call it my sql5.6 release. it will help users meet the application requirements. a policy making body got a start today. wage theft includes ignoring minimum wage laws. it was a chance to create a task force. >> make sure we are enforcing the law as much as we can. not something that has been done. but i think if wage theft is going to end, it should end in san francisco. >> wage theft is prevalent in
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the city. they found half of all restaurant workers do not get minimum wage. commuters will see more rail service because of ridership. cal train added two new trains today and restored four others. ridership reached a high in june resulting in packed trains. they will add two new trips between stockton and the south bay and a bus line will run more frequently. it is a text book case, hackers attack, using schools to avoid being tracked to steal secrets from uncle sam. >> what investigators are saying about a fire that torched the law offices of the mayor.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> it is almost like a script for a spy movie. hackers hacking in to government agencies. and the method makes it hard to track them down. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live with what happened and what he learned about all of this. tom? >> reporter: a tipster told us hackers actually tried to get personal information. what we can say, it appears what they were really trying to do is compromise national security. >> reporter: the district is computerized with general access and password only access. one day the district got what seemed like a strange communication. >> seems like a strange communication because it was
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the u.s. naval intelligence, said one of our servers were compromised. >> reporter: by hackers to steal information from the fbi and cia. they said they were using innocent servers to bounce around the internet with their final targets the fbi and the cia. this makes it difficult to trace the hackers. did they gain access to the district files? >> no. we have been told our firewall wasn't breached. they used it to cover their tracks but they never got through our firewall which is where that information is. >> reporter: since there was no breach, uncle sam asked them to leave the server up and running to trap the bad guys. did it work? >> they said if we told you, you would have to -- we would have to kill you.
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i don't know. i hope. >> reporter: they are learning how to guard themselves against hackers. consumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. the white house is down playing a report that hackers tied to china broke into a government system. officials say it had a network, and no secrets or data were stolen. yesterday a newspaper said hackers got into a system used for nuclear commands but the white house said that is not true. officials did say if -- did not say if it originated in china. a amtrak train detrailed in hanford -- derailed in hanford this afternoon. now we are getting word of a second train accident. it involved a truck and a freight train. they collided two hours after the amtrak case and the driver
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of the truck was injured. pg&e was out venting pipelines there. we took this video in july on a routine procedure part of their pipeline safety enhancement program. the operation was said to wrap up an hour and a half ago. residents were warned they may smell gas but it was safe. pg&e wants to conduct a study near its power plant off the coast. coming up, the method they plan to use and the adverse effects on marine life. fire at the mayor's law office is being investigated as arson. ktvu's noelle walker is live where the mayor told you he thinks there is something bigger going on here. >> reporter: yeah. the mayor told me before the fire here this weekend that this office had the windows
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broke on out and at his campaign headquarters. >> reporter: when he stood outside his charred law offices he had one thought. >> disbelief. i mean, just doesn't seem real. >> reporter: we talked to him today. >> i am not fearful for my life. i am concerned for my family. i have had written threats. verbal threats. telephone threats but none risen to the level of this dangerous crimical conduct -- criminal conduct. >> reporter: the fire was no accident. >> we have confirmed it was an intentional device that started the fire. >> we believe what happened is arson. >> reporter: being mayor is a
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good way to make friends and enemies. >> avenue day you are -- every day you are making decisions, haveing a meeting, doing -- having a meeting, doing something that someone isn't going to like. >> reporter: there have been low points, three years ago he made a insensitive mark about gays and apologized and 5 officer involved shooting since may. >> i have no regrets. if i knew this was going to happen, i would still take the votes. >> reporter: a few minutes ago i spoke with a spokes woman for the atf, they have been contacted about this investigation but so far they are not involved in the investigation yet. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. american stress said it
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will be refunding 250,000 customers $85 million. it comes after a investigation into charnels that american express illegally charged late fees and lied about rewards. they agreed to paid $27.5 million in fines to regulators. an wall street today, the dow is up 77 to 13,515. the nasdaq is down 2 at 3,113. the s&p is up 3 to 1,444. facebook foundser mark zuckerberg -- founder mike muc -- founder mark zuckerberg was in moscow. they had a chat, said to have been about a collaboration involving facebook. russia is where facebook is not
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the top social network, although two of facebook's largest investors are russia billionaires. honda is recalling cars. it effects 600,000 honda accords with v6 engines. the power steering hoses can crack and cause a fire. they have a report of one fire but no injuries. still angry, a rave over the weekend that rattled neighborhoods miles away and what happened to one police department's 911 system. >> and to scan or not, the decision on whether the tsa can continue using the full body scanners at airports.
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. the fall out continues over a late night raid that oakland colosseum. they issued an apology for the event on saturday. there were three bands playing till 2:00 a.m. for 19,000 people. police say they received hops of complaints -- hundreds of complaints about the noise. police say the calls overwhelmed the 911 system. she wants to make sure this never happens again. >> we are hearing there may be future events like this
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planned, my goal is not to stop people from enjoying themselves but making sure it is not at the expense of constituents. >> she is looking into sound permit violations. they are promising a review of their procedures. new dishwashers and washing machines will need to be more efficient than ever. dishwashers and washing machines will have to use 15% less lecrisry and 35% less water. it will likely mean higher prices but experts say families in the end will save $350 over the time lime of the appliances. >> they are enormous energy users and main contributors to the energy bills. >> half of all washers and
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dishwashers are already compliant. in southern california the had you been sign is about -- the hollywood sign is about to get work down. it will giball three give an new -- it will be given a new coat of paint. it will take 10 weeks to complete. the sign went up in 1923. back then it read hollywood land. the supreme court is reviewing -- refusing to hear an ameal on the full body scanners. he argues the techniques violates against illegal searches. courts in florida refused to hear the lawsuit. the court of appeals upheld the dismissal. on a spending spree in san francisco, what will happen if you don't bring your own
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shopping bag. >> this is what you worry about when we get hot weather like this, a grass fire burning right now. one structure has been burned. live coverage coming up. >> back here in 10 minutes, the fog isn't back yet, how hot, we will look at the records we set today and the five-day forecast with cooling in it.
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we have breaking news from the north bay, fire crews are
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making quick work of a grass fire that shut down highway 116. live pictures of the scene. all of this is happening near highway 116. what you are looking at is a home that has been burned by the fire. so far the fire burned four acres. but as you can see it looks like the fire is out. they are checking for hot spots. again, looks like the fire is out. the good news here, there is no wind in that area, the temperatures are very hot. 96 degrees. we are keeping an eye on this. as we get more information we will bring it to you and have more on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. the plastic bag ban in san francisco expanded today. ktvu's ann rubin is in the city and tells us which stores are no longer allowed to give out bags for free. >> reporter: city officials
5:46 pm
will hand out 17,000 of these bags and they handed out 400 today. you might want one if you are doing shopping in the city. if you don't bring -- >> reporter: if you don't bring your own bag, there is a price to pay. >> give me a bag. annoying. messing up the flow. >> reporter: the new ordinance expands the ban on plastic bag to all retailers. and now if you want the store to provide a bag, they are required to charge a minimum of 10 cents. >> i think it is great. i think that everyone should reuse all the bags or use the reusable bags. it is a waste of plastic. >> reporter: the department of the environment is charged with enforcing the measure but it will be up to customers to
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report businesses not in compliance. >> if a business is refusing to comply then they are subject to fines. >> reporter: $100 for a first offense, all the way up to $500. he is ordering his new bags. >> i still have plastic bag i need to get rid of and replace them. >> reporter: he is afraid the extra fee will be bad for business and some agree. >> i think it is a rip off to the customer. >> they see why it might be beneficial. >> what do you do when you get home? push it in the trash. correct? >> reporter: the bag pan extends oo all restaurants next -- to all restaurants next october. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. the supreme court began a new session today with several big cases. a ruling is expected for this session in the debate over same-
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sex marriage and the government's defensive marriage act, defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. and restricts benefits for gay couples. >> so it is no longer an exercise in abtraction. it is an issue for hundreds of thousands of people. >> the court will take up an acase out of -- take up a case out of texas. a study finds an increase in the number of children hospitalized for serious injuries resulting from abuse. researchers analyzed hospital statistics from 1997-2009. during that 12 year period the number of serious injuries increased by 5%. the most common injuries were fractures, open wounds and head
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trauma. other records show a decrease iover that time peer -- decrease over that time period. google installed a system in 2006, leaders say the number of people using the system increased along with complaints about connection problems. they are working on a plan to improve coverage. it could take a few months to complete. mountain view is the first city to get free wi-fi from google. a grass fire burning, thank goodness there is not a lot of wind or that would spread. >> no wind yesterday and was of that that fire was put out quickly. that is the good news. the winds are everything in this, hot, dry, no red flag warns. no fog long the coast.
5:50 pm
you know that. temperatures today, we had one record, 97 degrees. most temperatures were above the average. san francisco was 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow, temperatures are coming down but not a lot. cooler around the bay but inland upper 90s and low 100s. another hot day tomorrow. i haven't seen a spare the air day get issued. temperatures are going to trend down tomorrow but still hot. the forecast highs tomorrow are still lots of 90s. these are upper 80s. and low 100s in the valley as well. we will see fog at the coast about this time tomorrow. 97 today in napa. 101 in santa rose a. 90 in san francisco -- santa rosa. 90 in san francisco.
5:51 pm
high pressure weakens through this week. a cooling trend. significant cooling on wednesday and thursday. tomorrow upper 90s. right now no strong winds. i said it last week, talk about it, if this was a windy day, we would have different stories. when you take the fire danger thing out it helps greatly. any firefighter will tell you that. there is no reg flag warning. again, pull the wind out, you can take a deep breath and feel good about it. if you had wind on that fire, it would move. the winds right now are light. >> thank you. eating and living right. the new effort in the south bay
5:52 pm
to check on the health in the community, that still ahead.
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5:54 pm
considering a smoking ordinance tonight. it would ban smoking in all apartments and condo miniums and parks, sidewalks, patios and public events. it is similar to belmont,
5:55 pm
concord and richmond. a look at the state of its health and the factors that impact it. >> healthy eating. active living. neighborhood safety. those are part of our winnable battles. >> officials were on hand today to kickoff the health week. it is a two week effort focused on improving the well being of the latino population. they used the opportunity to release key findings from its health assessment report, saying there are three areas that need work, improving newrision, reducing to-- nutrition, reducing tobacco and reducing violence. >> what we need to do -- >> the report shows that
5:56 pm
compared to other groups, they have longer life spans, lower cancer rates and neighbor amenities that make it easier to make healthy choices. it continues till october 14 with free work shops, discussions, health fairs and a soccer tournament. two winning super lotto plus tickets were sold here. one was sold at ocean super market. they will split $28 million. the stores will each get 70,000 dollars. here are the winning numbers, 3, 4, 27, 30, 39, mega number of 3. winners have 180 days to claim their prize. we are learning of a school bus accident. also news chopper 2 in the north bay where a grass fire was threatening structures and
5:57 pm
we are getting an update on the amtrak derailment. >> and pg&e wants to fire air canons underwater as part of a study, the concerns being raised today about the damage that plan might do.
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5:59 pm
a trial on hold, the courtroom outburst from the shooter in the osi oikos university -- in the oikos university massacre. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> there is a grass fire that has been burning near 116 and stony point road. from what we understand two structures have burned. one of them is an outbuilding. no injuries have been reported. it looks like they have the fire pretty much out. still smoldering. highway 116 is shut down to traffic, that is a key road. we don't know what started the fire but
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